The Hindsight of the Far Side

Can a simple cartoon contain information that predicted the date of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center? I would have said no, until a series of dreams came to life on the pages of the Gary Larson’s daily Far Side Calendar©. Three simple incidents illustrate how.

First, the night before April 11, 2000, I had a dream about a giant dachshund and a castle. Upon getting to work that day, I turned my daily Far Side Calendar© to the next day and saw the exact scene in the cartoon. I was shocked but didn’t think much of it.

Several months later, on July 11, 2000, I had a dream about a carload of cats driving by a doghouse shooting it with bullets. Again, I looked on that day’s Far Side Calendar©, and there was the exact scene of the dream. At this point, I was shocked. Something like this had never happened to me before. I had kept the first cartoon and compared the two. Nothing really connected them to one another other than the two were both on a Tuesday the 11th of the month. I wondered if I would have another dream the next time Tuesday was the 11th of the month. Looking ahead on the calendar, there was not another Tuesday which was also the 11th of the month in the year 2000. I put both cartoons in a journal I have for safe keeping.

The day after September 11th, 2001 the school I was working for had a memorial service for the victims. The speaker said, “Tuesday, September 11th will be a day we never forget”. I had a chill come over me. Was this next Tuesday the 11th of the month? I rushed back to my office and looked at the calendar and it was true. There had not been a day since July of 2000 that Tuesday fell on the 11th of the month.

That evening when I got home, I looked in my journal to see the two cartoons and if there were any other clues. I was shocked what I found. I had forgotten I had saved a third Far Side© cartoon. It was there with the other two above. It was of a black skyscraper with a bird flying into the side of it. Then I remembered why I had saved this one. The previous year I was at home before work and while drinking morning coffee a bird flew into the window of my living room. I looked out to see what happened to him and couldn’t see the bird, he had flown away. I had gotten to work that day and looked at the daily Far Side© and saw the bird flying into the skyscraper. I kept it thinking that was weird.

The day that changed the nation was a day I was waiting for and didn’t know it. The exact scene of something flying and striking a black skyscraper was staring me in the face with a hint of when this day would be. Coincidence?  Thee innocent cartoons….. Why? How? Was this to be a sign of things to come?

As time passes, more about these three cartoons make sense. Stay tuned for more revelations.