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Recognizing a Soul Mate

Recognizing a Soul Mate

by Carlton Haney

Question posed by:
Linda Di Rosa
Master of Education—MTW

How does a person recognize a soul mate versus a best friend? Can there be more than one at any given time?

     Linda, it is very important that this question not be misunderstood, as it has preoccupied the thoughts of humankind since time began. In trying to determine the difference between a best friend and a soul mate we become aware of conflicting feelings about those most special persons in our lives. But are these individuals friends, love interests or the soul mates we seek? Finding and experiencing the joy of having a soul mate in our lives is not a destination, but indeed a journey. We must first start to think of every relationship as an opportunity to give and to receive caring and love, for it is only then that we are able to focus on just how special someone might become.

     When another person becomes in touch with your feelings and together you experience higher levels of communication, it becomes possible to share each other’s deepest heart threads. These include life experiences, joys, heartaches, disappointments, dreams, goals and ambitions. This is when your souls become intertwined and you can share the most meaningful aspects of mutual giving. This is a bond like no other, with each of you reflecting internal truth within and between each other. You discover that pieces of the puzzle in the relationship fit together perfectly. It is at this point you know you are truly connected to each other. Your innermost intuition will come into play to speak to your heart, validating that you have a precious gift in your life.

     We also recognize a kindred spirit—that special someone with whom we can share our life experiences. Our spirit is all knowing and guides us through relationships using the principles of honesty, devotion and truth. This lets us know if our perceptions of whom we are attracted to can become more. When a person is radiant and becomes a beacon of light guiding us, then we know we have found the joy of having a soul mate in our lives.

     Feelings of harmony between two people and the joy you bring to each other leads to the deepest meaning of friendship or a special love interest. Your best friend can be a true soul mate, but the two of you know the difference between physical attraction and the bond of a true friendship. You must cherish this for what it is, not mistake it for what you might wish it to be.

     The energy expended on maintaining a loving relationship requires the gift of time and endurance in order to really know, trust and understand the deepest aspects of another person’s life, as well as our own. I do believe that we can experience more than one person as a soul mate during our lives, sometimes simultaneously. This actually comes into play with age and the exceptional few we feel have touched our lives in such powerful and meaningful ways. We know who they are because of their steadfast loyalty and always being there when we call upon them. The essence of a soul mate has no time limits and can carry us through our life’s journey.

     The belief in co-creation and awakening to exploration of experiences and relationships will guide us to the right persons using laws of attraction. This co-creation exists throughout our lives, and our highest inner guidance system protects us as we experience different people entering and exiting our lives.

     Linda, just remember that as we are connected to people, we should have no expectations for a developing relationship. Aligning ourselves with the universal laws of goodness and truth will lead us to the sources of wealth in loving relationships. Just rejoice in gratitude and the vision of spiritual guidance we are blessed with. We can experience the abundance of life’s joy by saying “Yes” to the great gifts bestowed upon us.




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