Aliens Among Us?

I initially started writing this piece as inquiry to what I thought a particular date meant to me in relation to the phenomena of UFO sightings and alien abductions, their myths and their reality. I was asked to comment on these things from a psychic’s perspective, as members from the government step forward to share honestly about their experiences and the things they have discovered while working on the job.

No doubt the history of our planet and the phenomenal things our ancestors did, as well as cataloged, cannot just be blown off or buried under the carpet. Acceptance of these phenomena is only limited by ones own personal experience with them. Not to mention you need the capacity to imagine it. Most of us think Aliens and UFO’s are real, but some just don’t want to believe it. The idea of not having this planet we call Earth to anchor us, frightens even the most awakened. If the terror of flying can get to some, then image the effect interstellar travel can have.

The rise in sightings is just one indication times are a changing. If you question whether or not we’ve landed in the Age of Aquarius, the growth in the frequency of occurrences should confirm, that UFO’s and Aliens are here and among us. As if they ever left. We truly are in denial to think otherwise, like our government wants us to believe.

As a psychic gifted with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills, I have had to come to terms with my personal experiences with Aliens and UFO’s through the years. I feel the same beings, which were instrumental in seeding the human race, remove us from our bodies and then return us, with our knowledge suppressed and our potentials heightened.
As a psychic child, when our disembodied loved ones came to me, I was innocent and free of conditioning, which is closely akin to when inter-stellar and inter-dimensional beings visit us. As we are told at a very early age, these sorts of things do not exist; I categorized them as natural psychic phenomenon.

When I was about 8 years old, I lived about five miles out of West Columbia, Texas. My brother and I who shared a room would have to go to bed around 9pm. We lived on six acres off a farm road, with the San Bernard river right behind our house. I had some of the most powerful experiences of my life, the four years we lived there. It was not till later that I realized what some of them truly were. Abduction or not, there were Aliens there. It is only because of my unique sensitivity, that I came to realize the truth about the experiences I had in the country, outside West Columbia.

As powerful as they were, my experiences did not just involve me. The details in my memory really play into my inability to forget those amazing experiences. I know, sadly, that many experience these things as frightening and terrible, but this is not the case with me. It seems most likely to me that these experiences were a honing and strengthening of my natural psychic abilities. If there was something terrible happening, I haven’t realized it. Interestingly enough, it was during this time outside West Columbia that the Tarot came to me and I found the Witch, Sybil Leek. As if they were put there right in my paths for me to come across.

It evokes the questions, why do some of us possess psychic abilities and others don’t? Is it inherited or does it correlate with some extra terrestrial engineering? It plays into the idea that beings from other worlds and dimensions had a hand in our evolution; suddenly this scenario is not that farfetched. I mean, of course, the Higher Power created everything, even the races that came into being eons before we did. Those of us that deal with these types of energies would hope Aliens too would live by the ideal—ever it is the responsibility of the brother above to reach down and pull up the brother below.

I know a great deal about psychic phenomena, the different types of abilities, what it is like to experience them, and how to tell them apart from a dream or the imagination. Is it too farfetched to suggest that Alien beings from other worlds and in other dimensions, play a role in the phenomena of our Astral Projection? It is the way we travel through space and time right now, safely without a ship. Or is there a ship? Is the field that we call our electromagnetic field actually our individual interstellar and inter-dimensional traveling ship? It certainly protects us from the cosmic debris that passes directly through our planet. Wouldn’t it reason that we, as microcosms, would emulate the macrocosm and have an electromagnetic field like the earth on which we live?

I remember distinctly meeting three other kids out in front of the house on the old farm road night after night. After greeting each other, together we would begin to leap off the ground and take off up into the clouds. For the most part we would stick together, but I remember one girl, who appeared to be Indian, would fall away from the group somewhere over New York City. This meets all the criteria of astral projection, it was vivid, rich in color, with all the sensations of being awake, and with the deviation in levels, as my body lifted off the ground and began to fly. I have had dreams before of flying but there was a definite difference. The depth of the experience was flat and dull, this was as if someone had pull me out of my room and put me right there with those others kids, flesh and all. I was young, of course, so it is only in hindsight this and other experiences became clear to me. Ths experience was not the only one of course, but it was clearly the first in a long series that made me what I am today

Do these interstellar and inter-dimensional beings actually sit in another space and time continuum, encourage, urge and communicate with us through highly sensitive individuals like Clairvoyants, Clairaudients, and Clairsentients? Is what has become known as Alien Abductions, actually these beings reengineering us to get physically closer to them or preparing us for a dimensional shift? An event, which some of us experience without complication, while others walk away with heavy consequences.

Is the fact, we all are vibrating at various rates, what deems whether the experience is good, bad, or can happen at all. Is being ripped out of our vibratory plane, onto another, with just a fraction of vibration heavier than it should be what causes the frightening memory and the pain? Would it be right to suggest just as we, walking on the surface of the earth, are composed of good and bad people, so the sky above and the other dimensions are made of good and evil beings?

I have never thought about my life’s experiences as being related to Aliens until the past year. As some of us are experiencing an increase in vibrational levels, the veil between the dimensions is beginning to thin and it has shocked me into the awareness that these beings are indeed among us. By us already going to Mars we are turning the roles around. In essence we are no longer the terrestrial beings, in the case of Mars and the Moon. Whether we experience sightings on days which have been predicted by foul able humans, have a sudden loss of memory, or have an out-of-body experience, one must not underestimate the government’s ability to cover it all up.