Recently a question was sent asking me to explain how to figure out a person’s life number—a great starting place for those who want to explore numerology. I like to keep things simple to begin, and life path numbers are a way to understand what the core of our existence consists of and why we are here.

By adding your birthday numbers together and reducing them down to one single digit number you will find your life path. Example:

April 8 1965:

Working with these numbers we discover this particular person has a master number as their life path (remember we talked some of master numbers in the first column, such as 11, 22, 33.)

Master numbers are teachers, they are here to lead, but many with these numbers have difficulty in life because before they can teach they must experience. They are often misunderstood because they see things differently and want to change the way we see things. Jesus was a 33.

Now let’s reduce the master number to the single digit number of 6. Six is the number of the mother. This person would probably adopt every one of the kids on the block if they could, very loving and nurturing, family first. Sixes have a love of beauty and peaceful surroundings. When there is conflict in the home or family it has a deep emotional effect because they fear they have failed. They cannot always see the faults in the ones they love and become over protective and aggressive if someone tries to hurt or insult them.

They must have the family center around them so they stay involved in all aspects in order to have some control. They are very loving and sometimes give too much of themselves to others in need. Their loved ones come before themselves.

This can show in career also by being the one who always helps others, gives advice and even teaches all newcomers. They should work around beauty, art, antiques, furniture, decorating, cooking, real estate, water, development, fashion, photography, and forestry, anything involving enhancing home life or beautification of the community. They would make great historians.

Now remember for every positive 6 there is a negative 6 out there somewhere. So if we look at all the numbers when we are searching for our life path we have a better understanding of who we are.

A negative 6 would be just the opposite of what we found in this birthday. They might be disconnected from family, angry and controlling. But not in this case because of the other numbers in involved in the birth date.

Let’s do another example of the life path number. I have a friend born
September 17, 1991, if we add her numbers together we find she is a one. Example:

September 17 1991

Well, we certainly have a determined number one life path here especially if look at all the nines and the ones in the birthday—but we are only looking at her life path for now.

The number one life path is a very independent number; it gives the identity of someone who will be a learner and a unique leader. She will be self sufficient and do things her way (regardless of the outcome) Individuality is key here. Number ones are best if they act on their own abilities and seek new and creative ways to resolve problems. This can be through inventions, changing and challenging old solutions, bringing forth resolutions, writing, and marching to a different drum.

Number ones are often unconventional, but they are very honest and loyal. They can have a bit of an ego and separate themselves from others who try to force their will or beliefs on them. Once they have a mind set and have reached a conclusion they will very rarely change their opinion. If you debate too much, they will withdraw from you and go about life without you.

Ones can be wounded deeply if you insult them with words are actions. They have two buttons, on and off—and insults just hit the off button.

They are best giving orders rather than taking them so they must have a position that allows them certain amounts of free time to explore and not have a supervisor standing over them. They are best on their own, or as a manager, head of a department, owning their own company, and differently involved in new and inventive ways to make the future a better place for all of us.

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