Norma Jean’s Orbs and the Orb Portal in Canada

Can you imagine napping peacefully on your couch and being awakened by you know not what? You open your eyes and are greeted by hundreds of bright white orbs floating all around you. This happened to Norma Jean Terry of Ontario, Canada.

I’m not sure what I would have thought had I woke up to hundreds of orbs all around me, but Norma Jean was in absolute awe. She could feel the love and light flowing from each orb that surrounded her. The orbs were so bright that her living room—which didn’t have any lights turned on—was as bright as if every light in the room were lit.

Though Norma Jean was shocked and in total awe of what she was seeing, she sensed these orbs that were surrounding her were family from the other side. This experience was only an introduction to what was to come.

     That night she began to do research on the internet on orbs and learned that if you take pictures at night with a digital camera sometimes orbs will appear in the photos. But, she didn’t have a digital camera. Who knows, perhaps it was the orbs that arranged for her to win that digital camera and printer, and orbs have been appearing in her pictures regularly ever since.

     Norma Jean also talks to these orbs. One night in conversation she told the orbs that she would really like to take a picture of an angel. “That’s when the magic began to happen,” she said. In one of her pictures a type of tunnel appeared which she said was made by Michael the Archangel. This tunnel helps the orbs to move faster.

     In a certain spot in the yard, Norma Jean has discovered there is a portal—an entryway between this dimension and the next. This is where she takes most of her orb photographs.

She also has photos of Archangel Purlimiek whose realm is the nature kingdom, which includes the fairies. Norma Jean has an excellent photo of a fairy you can see with this article.

Take Your Own Pictures of Orbs

I was listening to Miceal Ledwith, of “What the Bleep” fame, talk about his studies of orbs. It was from him I learned that orbs don’t appear on film, but do appear when taken with digital equipment. Be sure and use a flash.

He has studied more than 100,000 photos of orbs. Although many people attempt to discount orbs as dust and water particles, he is convinced they are light emanations from spirit beings. In his talks he says that there are dust and water particles, but you can tell the difference when you become more experienced. He relates that once you begin taking pictures and studying these spirit lights, your brain allows you to see them with the unaided eye, and often in more color and greater detail than with a digital camera.

If you’ve taken digital flash photos you may have found orbs on your photos. Those I have seen and taken with my camera, are varied. I’ve seen some that have a face while others are balls of energy. Still others have geometrical patterns on them. When I was taking a course in the Melchizedek Method with Alton Kamadon, we would find orbs that look exactly like the Hologram of Love.

Norma Jean knew what she saw were not dust particles. She could feel the love coming from them. If dust can do that, then I want more dust.