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Know Your Own Soul through the Akashic Records

Contributor: Karen Low

Know Your Own Soul through the Akashic Records

by Karen Low
Certified Teacher, Center for Akashic Studies—Chicago

     Throughout the ages, the Akashic Records have been the realm of mystics, priests, oracles, and seers. At this point in the spiritual evolution of humanity, the Records are now available to every person on this planet. It is your birthright to know your soul’s purpose, to understand why you are here, and to remember your own unique gifts and talents.

     The Akashic Records are most often described as a huge library that is seen in dreams, visions, or astral projections. Each book is said to hold the Record of experiences of one soul’s journey on Earth.

     This archive is actually an etheric recording of all of the thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds of every person who has ever lived on Earth. Our presence leaves energetic impressions on the electromagnetic field of the planet, which may be perceived with training and practice.

     From the beginning of human history shamen, oracles, and mystics have accessed this etheric wisdom to provide counsel for the guidance of tribes and empires. Prophets and seers have foretold events seen in visions and dreams. World leaders and commoners alike have sought answers to life’s questions from astrologers and psychics reading Tarot cards or scrying with crystal balls. All of these are methods through which the Akashic Records have historically been accessed.

     In the Twentieth Century, Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, brought the Akashic Records into modern consciousness through over 14,000 readings that he gave on a variety of topics, including remedies for health problems and the past life stories of his clients. Cayce’s readings were provided through an unconscious trance state. While in trance, he would respond to questions asked by his conductor, and a stenographer would record his answers. Upon awakening from his trance, Cayce had no conscious recollection of what he had said during the reading.

     At this point in time, access to the Akashic Records does not require the abilities of a psychic, the meditation experience of a yogi, or the rigorous discipline of a monk or nun. The Records may be accessed via the sacred prayer tradition.

     During meditation the night before 09/11/2001, Linda Howe, Director of the Center for Akashic Studies in Chicago, received a sacred prayer that allowed access to the Heart of the Akashic Records. This Pathway Prayer Process creates an energetic bridge between the Heart of the Akashic Records and the heart center of the person reading the prayer aloud.

     The sacred prayer tradition is a conscious, deliberate method of accessing the Akashic Records. The practitioner reads the Prayer aloud, asks a question or requests guidance related to a specific life situation, and holds the mind still to perceive the answer. This is prayer in real-time, which provides immediate guidance to enhance the quality of the daily life.

     Bringing information out of the Records is very similar to the process of recalling a dream upon awakening from sleep. The information from the Records may be relayed to the reader via images, a voice heard inside the head, or a felt sense of knowing in every fiber of the being.

     Accuracy and skill as a reader of the Akashic Records will be enhanced by the frequent practice of exploring one’s own Records. An added benefit is that the practitioner will develop a conscious relationship with their own Soul. In the beginning, one may receive short messages. As these suggestions are acted upon and applied in the daily life, however, the reader will receive more profound information in future sessions.

     Accessing the Heart of the Records via the Pathway Prayer Process elevates one to a higher altitude of consciousness where the daily life may be viewed from the Soul’s perspective. This vantage point enables us to approach life without fear or judgment and allows us to interact with every person in our lives from a place of unconditional love.


How to Read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe, book and CD set.
My Life as a Seer: The Lost Memoirs by Edgar Cayce.
The Persian Legacy and the Edgar Cayce Material by Kevin Todeschi.

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