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Exploring Alternative Timelines in the Akashic Records

Exploring Alternative Timelines in the Akashic Records

by Karen Low
Certified Teacher, Center for Akashic Studies—Chicago

     Have you ever considered what you would say to your younger self if given the opportunity to travel along the timeline of your own life? Was there some pivotal incident, choice, or commitment in your younger years that set the course for your life? Would you approach that crossroads differently with the knowledge and life experience that you now possess?

     We all have situations in our lives we wish we had handled differently. If I had been more resourceful and found a way to travel to Germany my junior year in high school with my German class, how would my life be different today?

     The Akashic Records offer an altitude of consciousness from which to examine our lives from many different perspectives. Choose a situation from your formative years, whether high school or younger, and explore that event within your own Akashic Records.

     For example, I open my Akashic Records with Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer. After acknowledging the Presence of my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, and expressing my gratitude for Their assistance, I settle into the energy of my Records. Once enveloped in the complete safety and unconditional love of that sacred sanctuary, I ask to be shown that day early in my junior year when my German teacher dangled the opportunity of a three-week trip to Germany before us. I recall the excitement I felt at the possibility of traveling to Europe that summer. At that point in my life, the farthest I had traveled from my Central Texas home was to California with my family, and I had never flown on an airplane. I am dismayed about the cost of the trip, but I present the prospect of the trip to my mother, who handles the family finances. I experience profound disappointment when my mother tells me the family just did not have that much money to spare.

     Then I ask my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones to help me ferret out other resources with which to finance the trip. I realize that I have saved about $500 in my savings account over the years, though I had never really thought about spending that money. I could approach my German teacher and ask him if there are any scholarships available to assist in some of the cost of the trip. Since it is the fall of the year, I could request that my parents not spend any money on me for Christmas or my November birthday, but instead apply whatever funds they would normally spend on clothes or gifts for me to the cost of the trip. I might also approach my grandparents and ask the same of them. Even though I am working after school, the $400 I earn a month is budgeted for gasoline and insurance for my car, extracurricular activities on weekends, and occasional shopping. Perhaps I could be more frugal and save more of my paycheck and apply it towards the trip. One idea that I receive from the Records is that I could check around my neighborhood or ask around at church and offer to do housecleaning or yard work on Saturdays to earn extra money. It appears from the perspective of the Records that there are many options that I could pursue to generate the money needed for the trip. 

     Then I ask my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones to show me the alternate timeline where I actually travel to Germany for three weeks the summer of my junior year of high school. This immersion experience in the German language and culture is exhilarating for me. I am intrigued by the different foods, clothes, and customs so unlike my American life. I learn more of the German language in those three weeks than I had learned the entire school year in my German class at home. Engaging the German people in restaurants and shops, and especially during long conversations with German students, I gain practical experience with the language and insight into the culture that spawned that language. This experience proved to be the catalyst for me to commit to travel abroad at least every other summer to further my studies, and by my 25th birthday I fluently speak five languages.

     Because of my commitment to language studies, I complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Austin at the University of Texas, and did not remain in my hometown and marry at age 19.  Even though I did not marry until much later, I move to Dallas in 1980 after graduation, as I felt there was more opportunity there to develop a career in an international corporation using my language skills.

     In this alternate timeline, living in larger cities broadened my horizons much earlier in my life, and the education gained from my international travels aided me in developing self-confidence and self-sufficiency at a much earlier age. My cosmopolitan viewpoints on culture, religion, and international politics were completely foreign to the provincial beliefs of my family and high school friends, and I allowed these relationships to deteriorate. Several life-long friendships in my current life were never experienced in the alternate timeline.
     This alternate life appeared to be more glamorous, worldly, and materialistic, without the spiritual depth that has been so much a part of my current life. Which life is better? Could one decision made in high school lead to an alternative course of action and truly create a completely different life experience?

     Several years ago I received an intuitive reading at a spiritual retreat which indicated that my Dharma for this lifetime was to collect information, distill knowledge, and stimulate others to learn. Looking at this alternate lifetime from the Soul’s perspective in the Akashic Records, I realize that the same Dharma could easily have been fulfilled in the other timeline with my exposure to varied cultures and my passion for language study.

     Though this look into an alternate future based on one different decision in the past is fascinating, another practical use of the Akashic Records is to follow the sequence of events stemming from different options when making a decision.

     Have you been offered two jobs? Take both of those opportunities into the Akashic Records and look at the pros and cons of each job and see the possible future that each job creates for you.

     The Akashic Records truly are an infinite resource and will support you in all of your endeavors. Consciously and deliberately accessing this repository of Soul-level perspectives for all areas of your life will aid the conscious mind to align with your eternal Self.

Healing Through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe, book and CD set
Intuitive Reports by the School of Metaphysics

Karen Low, Certified Teacher through the Center for Akashic Studies, is offering a class in "How to Read The Akashic Records" in Waco, TX on Friday night, April 13, 2012 from 6:30-9:30 pm, and Saturday, April 14, 2012 from 10:00 am-5:00 pm. She will also have a class on Ancestral Clearing on Sunday, April 15, 2012 from 10:00 am-4:00 pm. The Beginning class is a prerequisite.

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Karen Low writes a column for The New Era Times entitled Akashic Explorations. Check back often for more insight into the world of the Akashic records.

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