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Dowsing Helps School Energy

Contributor: Raymon Grace

Dowsing Helps School Energy

by Raymon Grace

All are invited to look up a local dowsing organization in their community and get involved.  


Raymon Grace, Master Dowser

     I have been asked to write more “how to” articles, so here goes.  Let’s talk about something that affects a lot of you but you may not know it. We have to recognize there is a problem before we can correct it.
     Seems I read somewhere that “energy is impressed upon matter.” At first glance, this doesn’t seem to amount to much but looking deeper, it affects all of us.
     Thoughts and actions are energy, and the earth and all things upon it are matter. Do you realize what this means?
     It means that you are affected by places you have been, people you have associated with, and events in your life—good or bad. Some events raise energy and some lower it.
     You have probably been places where everyone was laughing and having a good time until someone walked in the door and the energy changed and people stopped laughing. The presence of that one person changed the energy of the entire group.
     Ok, if one negative person can do this to a group, doesn’t it make sense that one positive person can reverse this negative energy? Sure you can.
     Have created a name for this and call it “negative energetic patterns,” just to have a way to identify it.
     How do I change it? Just use your dowsing or intent and neutralize the negative energetic patterns.
     In teaching classes across the country, I always ask if anyone has any kids in school, and then measure the energy of the school. In most cases the energy is a disaster however there are a few with good energy.
     I will then measure the energy of the kids attending the school. Next will do an intensive clearing on the school as a demonstration of how the class can do this for themselves.
     Next I will measure the energy of the kids. In every case, the energy of the kids will rise significantly. Feedback later indicates the kids are happier and doing better. Why? Because they were spending about a qyarter of their lives in a low energy environment and it affected them—badly.
     The same is true of offices and especially jails, hospitals and nursing homes. Anywhere there has been sadness; suffering and violence, there are negative energetic patterns. They are simply a form of energy and the intelligent human mind can re-direct energy.
     Remember, your energy is your most valuable asset, stay away from places and people who damage it.
      “How?” You say, “I have to go to work and feel tired every day after work.”
     Ok, clean up your workplace and the people there. Techniques That Work For Me is a blunt, down to earth method of changing energy. I wrote it for those who want to do something by themselves.

      “Energize Your Life” DVD was made for people who want me to do it for them.
     Use either or both and make your workplaces and schools better.
     Now this is a wonderful time to share an email just received from an 18-year-old friend of mine who attended class with his family. He didn’t do all this after the class, he did it before the class using what he learned by watching my films. Why haven’t more people done this?
     Notice how well he writes, it is far better than most emails received from adults. It is young people like Alex and his sisters that I really want to reach because they can create a better future for the world.


     My name is Alex and I’m 18 years old. In January of last year my family and I moved to Kentucky from Southern California. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Why? That’s the first question everyone asks, and at school the second is whether we know anyone famous. But all the while we’ve never told anyone the real reason we moved until now.

     My sisters and I lived in California all our lives. My parents had lived everywhere from Germany to Mexico. But as Dad had to work day and night as a realtor far away, we sometimes didn’t see him for weeks and were distancing ourselves from each other, lost in our own worlds. Mom is into holistic medicine and is always finding new ways to help others and ourselves. About three years ago she started dowsing with the direction of Mr. Raymon Grace’s books and videos. We never thought that it would have such an impact on our lives.

     Mom and Dad decided that we needed to move—they just didn’t know where. Through dowsing my mom pinpointed an old house in Northern Kentucky out of every house in the world as the best for our family’s growth and the best to reach our goals. It was a huge leap of faith. We moved in the winter time and after a few delays, moved into our home. Our neighbors were sisters from the church, and at the time, we as teenage kids were excited and sad about our new little town.

     Our life changed completely. We made friends quickly and found that kids really weren’t so different than back home. Snow was a big deal. The best part was that there was so much opportunity to grow. The people we’ve met in our area are so welcoming that it scared us at first. When they ask you “how are you today?” they actually mean it. Being so close to the church has really strengthened our faith, and has introduced us to some of the most honorable and humble people we’ve ever met.

     What is more incredible is that for an entire year, my father has been able to stay at home with my mother; closing the transactions he made in California. In a way he’s had a mini-retirement where he picks us up from school every day and eats every meal with us. Not only have we got to know our father, but learn from the many things he never had the time to say to us before.
     For those who are reading this, I want you all to know that this new life we have is all due to dowsing and its amazing ability to help in every situation. We dowse everyday to better our community and ourselves. We see that it works, and I know it can work the same wonders for you.
     Using Raymon Grace’s techniques, we found that the energy of our high school was extremely low. We knew we could do something about it. We cleared the negative energy and transformed it into useable positive energy. After we raised the energy level of the school, there was a noticeable difference. People were more kind to one another and it seemed that many opportunities opened up for me. I have been able to start two new clubs and implement the school’s first video announcements. It’s really an honor to be able to contribute and I couldn’t have done any of it if we hadn’t moved here. My sisters’ lives have also changed for the better and are just as active. The little one enrolled at a school for advanced children and is set to graduate at the age of 16 and is starting a fundraiser to help children in Africa. The other one, Sarah, is involved with the student debate team at school and is on the track team doing what she loves.
     Another project my family and I took on at the school was to raise the level of the water in the drinking fountains. They had originally tasted very metallic and for that reason were not being used very often. After dowsing for a few minutes following Mr. Grace’s guide, we cleaned the water in the school and raised the energy level with the power of intent. I am proud to say that I was not the only one to notice the difference in taste. At school kids now fill up their water bottles at the fountains and use them much more often than they used to. From class to class I even see students refilling their water bottles so they can save some for later.

     I encourage you all to embark on your own dowsing projects and watch how it can benefit the world around you. You’ll quickly find that you won’t want to stop.
I wish you all the best of luck, and Happy Dowsing!
Alex Hernandez

     You can do it—Alex did,


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