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Spirits Who Don't Know They Are Dead

Contributor: Cathy Chapman

Spirits Who Don't Know They Are Dead

by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D.

HOUSTON, TX--As a therapist I’ve heard strange things. So strange, that if I was a traditional therapist I might refer them to a psychiatrist for medication. Since I’m a therapist working from an energetic and spiritual paradigm, I look first for the unusual. In my area of expertise, sometimes the simplest answer is one unfathomable to your traditional “talk-it-out” therapist.

     When clients come in talking about thoughts invading their head, or cravings for foods and drugs, or feelings of sadness, anger and depression coming out of nowhere, I start looking around them. When I say “around them,” I mean in the energy field which surrounds them. I am looking for earthbound spirits who may be attached to them.

     An earthbound spirit, for those who never watched the Ghost Whisperer, is the spirit of someone whose physical body has died, but the real them—the spiritual part—continues to hang around. There are a number of reasons why a spirit does not cross over when the physical body dies.

     Some of the most common reasons spirits are earthbound and haven’t gone into the light are:

  • Sudden death
  • Suicide
  • Addiction
  • Deep regret
  • Fear of hell

Sudden Death

     How could anyone possibly not realize they are dead?

     If I were sitting with you, chatting, and suddenly keeled over dead, you would know instantly something was wrong. I however, would not. I just step out of my body. I might be confused and wonder why you were so upset, but things wouldn’t seem that different to me.

     This happens with sudden death. There is no time to know you are getting ready to leave your body. You just depart. The experience could be dramatic for those watching, but not necessarily for those who have left this life.

     Yes, you hear reports from those who have had near death experiences, but the majority of people who clinically died don’t report the tunnel and white light.
     Evidently, because there are so many souls wandering this earth after their bodies die, not everyone sees the light beckoning them home … as I like to call it.

     My experience with those who are unaware they no longer have bodies, has often been filled with a conversation attempting to “prove” to them they no longer possess bodies. I always keep a small mirror handy in my office. I show the being my reflection, and when they fail to see their own, they usually grasp reality.

     Sometimes, if the soul has no connection to the person or place they’re attached to, they will leave instantaneously. Other times I need to direct the soul to look in a particular direction where I sense the light … or someone who is waiting for them.

     When the soul continues shows a reluctance to leave, I ask Spirit for someone who knows him or her to come and escort them to the light.


     Many believe taking one’s own life is always wrong. But, is it? My experience—which of course is limited to what I know and experience in my body—has shown me otherwise.

     Suicide basically results from someone’s emotional pain and suffering, or from physical pain, suffering and deterioration. As with many things in life, intent is crucial.

     The earthbound souls of those who commit suicide are usually the ones who made a choice to leave due to emotional pain and suffering. They took the easy way out because they didn’t want to face their failures and work through them. Many times they couldn’t face their families because of something they had done—lost a business, something embarrassing become public, or some other personal shame was involved.

     Then there are those who take their lives due to unbearable physical pain for which there is no hope of relief.  They are frequently the elderly or terminally ill whose lives would have ended “naturally” 100 years ago before all of the advances in “modern” medicine.

     Those who commit suicide due to emotional pain or lack of courage are often earthbound. The very reason that caused them to end their life is the one that keeps them anchored to the earth. The problem is that they are still in pain. They are still in need of healing. They are even more lost now than they were in the physical.


     When it comes to addition, it doesn’t seem to matter what keeps the soul earthbound. It could be a substance, a person, sex, or even their work. With addiction, life is focused on one “thing.” When the body dies the mind is still focused on that substance.

     One of the reasons drug and alcohol addicts have such a tough time kicking their addiction is because earthbound spirits, addicted in their previous lives, attach themselves to the aura of the “living” addict. They do this to experience the same high they had when they were alive. Since the spirits want to get their “high,” they are encouraging the addict still in the physical to drink and to use. (By the way, often these “addicted” spirits do not know their physical body is gone.)

     When treating addiction, one of the most difficult things to overcome is the craving for the substance. There is both a physical and mental craving. I believe the mental craving comes from the “addict” spirits who are attached to the one attempting to recover from their addiction. These spirits keep sending messages to their host body to continue to use drugs and to drink alcohol.


     When someone passes on with deep regret in their life, they can remain earthbound. The soul finds it difficult to leave without bringing closure to something or someone in their lives.

Fear of Hell

     There are those who leave their bodies and know they are dead, but are scared out of their minds about what consequences they are going to face when they do die. They know they did something terrible and don’t want to move on because they are terrified of eternal damnation.

     Working with earthbound spirits is fascinating. The process can also be very moving. When one of my clients has an earthbound spirit attached to him or her, the spirit also becomes a client. Freeing someone trapped in a “no-man’s land” is sacred work in that the client who physically came to my office experiences tremendous freedom … and the spirits get to go home.

In my next article, I’ll tell you about this past Father’s Day, 2010, when I assisted in releasing a number of spirits from a place of business. There is even a photo!



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