The Akashic Path to Living in Today’s World — Part III

   The Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records was received by Linda Howe only days before the fateful date of September 11, 2001. The two events have an energetic linkage that Linda explores in this interview with Karen Low, one of her Certified Teachers.

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Karen: Do you think that this event was leading us towards 2012?

Linda: Absolutely. In any revolutionary movement, evolution of human consciousness, at certain times in human history we enter a phase where it is almost like we are shooting the rapids in order to make the bigger change that is underway. I know December 21, 2012 is an exact date on the calendar, but the fact is that it is an era. It is a phase of transformation. There are a few key aspects to this transformation, and one of them is that this 2012 shift is where we move from self-reliance to Divine-reliance. This is the first time in history, here in the West, where we no longer identify ourselves by our religion. That is astonishing. For more than 2000 years, we have always rooted our identity in our religion. It is a big change. Prior to organized religion we didn’t do that, but then it was all on geography and biology, and then it moved into religion.

Now, we are going beyond that, recognizing our Oneness with everybody, and that is a very big deal and a very new idea. National boundaries are dissolving, and all of that is falling apart. I know that there is a lot of kickback, especially in Texas, but the dominant move, the dominant trend is away from structured religious identity. So that even within the Christian world there are a lot of interdenominational, transdenominational organizations. Those lines were very rigid for centuries, and they just aren’t anymore. We have Presbyterians marrying Methodists, if you can imagine such an outrageous thing (laughs)!

Karen: Al Siddiq is the leader of the Islamic Center of Waco. He hosted an interfaith candlelight vigil in remembrance of the victims of 9/11. We have these Muslims, who have been the scapegoats of this tragedy, bringing all of the spiritual leaders in the city together to remember 9/11 and to bring unity among the different faiths.

Linda: That’s fabulous. That is amazing.

Karen: Now, on this idea of working in the Records, having our own direct connection to God so that we don’t have the label of religion, what about when people ask, “Where do you go to church?” That is a very common question here in Texas, especially when you are meeting new people. If I say, “I don’t really attend a church regularly,” that raises eyebrows. People like to label things; we like to identify differences and common beliefs. What would you suggest as an answer to that question for someone who is on this path, working in the Records?

Linda: I understand. I live in a suburb, I know all about churches. I actually belong to a neighborhood church. Do I subscribe to everything? No. I have some different ideas, but it is great for a sense of belonging, and I love my neighbors. I think that’s a very personal question, and people will have to see where they are with it. In some environments, it causes problems to admit that you don’t belong to a religion. Sometimes you are really open to having a conversation about where you really are, but at other times it is not wise, and it’s just not helpful. One of the things you can say is, “Oh, I was raised Disciples of Christ,” or “I was raised Catholic,” and just leave it at that. Maybe say, “I don’t have a home church right now.” It’s okay to say that.

Karen: To quote Bono, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

Linda: Exactly! “But I am still looking.” I think it is not helpful to pull the pin and throw the hand grenade. It is not helpful to put religion down, and it is important to the best of your ability to take a Taoist approach. Ask yourself, “What is appropriate here?”

One way to answer the question of “What faith do you represent?” would be to say “I am a student of the Light. I am working on a direct connection with the Divine and leading a consciously, Soul-led life.”

This has nothing to do with organizations, institutions, or dogma. It has to do with the goal of the lifetime; certainly the goal in my life is to be consciously Soul-led, and to really honor my Soul’s choice to be who I am in this lifetime. People talk about giving the glory to God; that is something to do for the human experience.

Karen: For people who are working in the Records, is there a question that one could ask every day, every time you go into the Records that would give really meaningful information? What is the perfect question to take into the Records every time you open them?

Linda: Here’s the question: “Help me to recognize the will of the Divine for me today. Help me.” And there’s another part to this. It’s a tricky thing, because I don’t want to say, “Tell me what to do” like “What am I supposed to do today? What’s God’s will for me today?” The real question is, “Help me to recognize the will of the Divine for me today.”  As an ongoing practice, we want to be as focused in on the day as possible. The second part of the question is, once I have an inkling, “Please help me to know how to put this into action, or what action to take. Help me to know what to do about it.”

Karen: My first impression here is that if I went into the Records today before going to work, and I asked that question, I might not get a really concrete answer. However, just because I asked that question, I can expect for this revelation to unfold for me throughout my day.

Linda: Exactly, because one of the most beneficial aspects of the Records is just that. So, when I go into my Records and I ask a question like that, I might get glimpses. Sometimes I will get concrete answers, but really what I’m doing is I’m getting into partnership, I’m moving into a conscious alignment with my own Soul and all of my unseen help. It is my job as a human being to go out into the world and trip and fall like everybody else. The point of the Records is to help me to see the truth about things, and not to avoid life.

Karen: What do you see looking toward the future in working with the Records?

Linda: We are finding that as each individual wakes up to the Light of their own Soul, and to the best of their ability lives from that place, living the Soul-led life—of course knowing we are all making mistakes like crazy—that’s where Grace comes in. What happens is that the path is broad and the path is well-lit. We are not alone. We are really points of Light within a great Light, a great network of Lights, and we do span the globe. The future of the work in the Records is all about illumination, individual and collective illumination. It’s about inspiration. It’s about having sufficient spiritual backing to really go out into the world Soul-first. To really use every element of our human experience as an opportunity to express the goodness that lies at our core.

Karen: Through my work in the Records, I am developing a more objective perspective on life, which helps me to step out of the emotions of circumstances and situations. Over time, I have encountered many past lives where some really awful things happened and many good things happened. I am getting accustomed to this panorama of my Soul’s existence that the perspective of the Records gives me.

If the plan, at least up until this point in time, was that we come here and forget that we are spiritual Beings, and we just plod along through the human existence; now that we are becoming aware that we are infinite Beings rather than just these little bodies, does that skew the plan for our learning? It’s like we have peeked behind the curtain. We still get caught up in the day-to-day situations, but at times we realize this is a play or a game, and that we are playing roles.

Linda: This is very interesting. From working in the Records, we see that really from a Records point of view, the object of the game is “Can I love myself in any and every situation? Can I love myself if I have good behavior or bad behavior? Can I know my own goodness? Can I know the goodness of others even when their behavior is terrible? Can I know at the level of their Soul that they are essentially good?” So it is through the fullness of our humanity—this is another 2012 benchmark. Up until now, spirituality has been a pathway or a trajectory through which we hoped to avoid or evade the human experience. And now the challenge is that our spirituality enables us to be authentic in the world. This is radically different, and the Records can help us with that, because the Records are an infinite resource.

Karen: I learned from Christian fundamentalism that if you toe the line, if you obey the law, if you are a good girl, someday you go to Heaven to be with Jesus. In this new spirituality there is this idea that we are going to become multidimensional beings where we are still working out our human situations, but we are also living in this vertical time where we have access to multiple dimensions, and direct connection with the Divine.

Linda: In the Christian religion idea, this is the new reign of Heaven on Earth, guided by the Holy Spirit. As Jesus said, I have to go, but I am going to send the Holy Spirit.

Karen: So do you see the possibility that if we get it, if we stay consciously connected to the Divine, there could be hundreds or thousands or more Christs living on Earth at the same time?

Linda: Yes! Absolutely! The big distinction here is that Jesus knew He was One article/637-akashic-path-living-todays-world-part-iii-karen-low-linda-howe-9-11-2012-era-end-religion-christian-world/with the Father; that is what made him the Christ. He knew that, no matter how he was treated. That is what we are waking up to. I am One with the Father. I am One with the Oneness. I am the Linda expression of the God Force, and there is nothing that I can do or anyone else can do to me that can change that. And that is what 2012 is all about. It is so unbelievable, because you and I both know that for centuries, for millennia, that Jesus was the only Son, and the rest of us were just wretches. Jesus never said, “You poor schmucks.” He never said that.