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Diane Gremmel

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Diane Gremmel is a Psychic, Medium and teacher and has read professionally for over 25 years for an international clientele.

She is a frequent guest on television and radio programs including The Travel Channel's Ghost Stories, ABC News in Houston, and the Fox Morning Show and has published many articles on the paranormal.

Diane has worked with law enforcement officials on criminal and missing person cases. In 2009, the Houston Press named her Houston's Best Psychic.


She currently works as a case medium for a major paranormal investigative organization. As an animal lover she enjoys communing intuitively with all living creatures, and finds great joy in teaching psychic development and intuition classes for adults and children. "I feel strongly that readings should be empowering.

I present the facts as I see them, while guiding my clients towards the most enlightened possible outcome. There is light and knowledge in all experience, and it is my hope that each client walks away with a reinforced vision of a positive future."

Diane is a columnist for The New Era Times. Click here for her latest article.