5 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

A strong working furnace is critical for most homes when temperatures begin to drop and stay low. Many times a simple repair can solve the issue, but there are situations that require a new furnace installation. Below are five situations that might require the immediate services of a trained and qualified furnace repair technician.

1. Sudden High Energy Bill

An unexpectedly large electric or gas bill is a red flag that something might be wrong with your furnace. You need to balance it out with whether the temperatures have been dramatically lower. Reasons beyond a faulty furnace can cause an increase in your bill. It’s part of the picture that might mean the furnace needs to be looked at by a repairman.

2. Unusual Noises

Most furnace installation is done in areas of the home that will ensure quiet operation. You should not hear strange clicking, clacking, or buzzing noises. Contact a repair technician if there are unfamiliar and unusual noises coming from the furnace, especially when the fan is in operation. It can signal that the bearings in the fan are in need of replacement.

3. Unstable Temperature Output

If you set your thermostat for a certain temperature and it ends up giving you sporadic heat, you need to have a technician look at the system. If your rooms fluctuate between being too hot and cold, you might have a thermostat issue. The possibility exists that you have a problem with your ducts and it’s not your furnace having problems at all. It can also be a deeper problem that needs repairing.

4. Produces No Heat

If you are sure the furnace is on and yet you feel no heat output, you need a service call. It could be an internal component that is not converting the energy to heat, or it can be a faulty blower motor. It will take an experienced technician to find the trouble.

5. The Furnace Quits Working

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than waking up to a cold home on a winter morning. It can be a serious problem if you have turned the furnace on, the heat source is available and there is no heat exiting the furnace. Hopefully, it can be repaired, but it may require new furnace installation. Keep the emergency number of a trusted technician for this type of situation.

Plan ahead for unexpected repair needs for your furnace this winter.

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