5 Types of Adventure Summer Camps

If you want your kids to enjoy adventure during the summertime, you will find that a number of adventure summer camps in Ontario are offered to kids. This type of experience not only develops a kid’s sense of exploration but it is also a fun way for a kid to make friends and learn new skills. The following information elaborates further on these kinds of camps.

1. Backpacking Camps

Backpacking camps enable kids to learn how to live in the Great Outdoors and explore new and natural venues. Kids camp out under the stars and learn how to eat food in the setting during their adventure. They have to carry their own water and also learn how to keep it safe to drink. This is a great way for teens to learn to fend for themselves and learn special survival skills.

Kids learn how to make the most of what they have and find out more about what they can take or not take in their backpacks. For example, a backpack can become too heavy after a while, especially when trekking through the wild. Kids learn what things are important to carry and what things they can get rid of during the adventure.

2. Biking Camps

You can also send your kids to summer camps that encourage cycling. These camps give kids the confidence to take up biking for the rest of their lives. Whether they cycle over rough terrain or over concrete, they learn the rules of the road and discover adventure at the same time. After all, it is more fun to see flora and fauna up close on a bike than it is from a car. When kids participate in this activity, they often spend holidays cycling as adults. This type of camp can influence kids to cycle all of their lives.

3. Fishing Camps

Some camps allow young people to learn fishing skills. This is a great experience for kids who wish to learn more about what is entailed in baiting a line and catching a fish. When they do catch a fish, they are thrilled beyond belief. This is an awesome way to teach kids about these kinds of fine details. They also help kids learn about patience as they sometimes have to wait a while before they obtain a catch.

4. Rock Climbing Camps

If your child is an intrepid adventurer, he or she will love to learn about rock climbing. You do not have to worry about your child’s safety as everything is done to make sure that he or she is secure. This type of camp gives kids instruction on the right ways to climb rocks and real-time experience. This is an ideal way for a kid to gain self-confidence and “take on the world,” so to speak.

5. Canoeing Camps

One of the great things about being outside is canoeing down a stream. This type of camp is popular amongst all types of outdoor enthusiasts, especially kids. If you want your kid to learn the right way to boat, this is the camp that he or she should visit during his or her summer hiatus. Canada has a number of great areas that are set up for canoeing.

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