6 Roofing Problems You Should Never Ignore

The cost of a roof replacement can be high for even the smallest coverage area. Routine maintenance and vigilance in self-inspection are critical to catching problems early. Below are six signs to look for that indicate you have a potential roofing nightmare heading your way.

1. Loose Shingles, Tiles, or Metal

The materials installed on the roof that is visible forms the protective coating, or armor that keeps all forms of moisture out of your home. Loose material is an easy way for moisture to take advantage and seek entry to the interior portions of the house. It leads to destroyed insulation, wallboard, and can even begin to rot the main framework and support of your home. The damage can be extensive.

2. Loose or Missing Flashing

Flashing is strips of metal that are secured in areas of the roof where joints meet. It covers spots that are vulnerable to water drainage and intrusion. Small tree branches and blowing debris can smash into the flashing and cause it to loosen or become damaged enough to allow water leaks.

3. Missing Roofing Material

Much like dealing with loose materials on your roof, areas of missing materials are even worse. It allows free access to rain, snow, sleet, and hail to find a path into your home and cause untold damages. It also leaves a weak area that can lead to high winds causing even more material loss.

4. Large Amounts of Granules In Gutters or Near Foundation

The granules you see making an appearance in the bottoms of your gutters and glinting in the sunlight at the base of your foundation are an important part of your asphalt shingles. The sand-like material is made to help deflect light and protect the roof materials from UV ray damage. Seeing large amounts of these granules means the product is losing the protective coating and will eventually fail.

5. Mold Spots

Mold might seem like more of a nuisance, but it can actually cause damage to the roof. The presence of mold on asphalt shingles begins to break down the composition of the material. Leaving this unsightly mess on your shingles will bring about the failure of the roof at a faster rate than normal.

6. Uneven Roofing Surface

A healthy roof will have an even surface. If you begin to notice areas that bulge and other spots that bow inward, you have a serious problem developing. It indicates that severe water damage is occurring beneath the Toronto roofing materials. Repairs should be made quickly to avoid complete roof failure or collapse.

Many serious roof problems can be avoided by periodically taking note of the condition.

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