All You Need to Know About Vape Juice Expiration

Like any other product manufactured for human consumption, vape juice is prone to expiration. Although there’s no specific date for when the vape juice will expire, vapers can tell the difference between expired vape juice and a fit one.

Vape juices don’t have a particular expiry date. However, manufacturers always state when the product was made. A good quality vape juice should stay fit for approximately one year from its manufacture date.

Even though the quality of vape juice might change over time, vape juice with less than a year from the manufacture date should be fit for consumption. Most vape juice manufacturers usually label an estimated expiry month on the vape gadgets with no specific date.

Vapers should strictly adhere to the stated expiration period and not consume the juice after its expiry. It would be much safer to purchase vape juices whose expiry date is far away to offer yourself enough time to enjoy the product.

Vape Juice Expiration

Vape juice expiration is usually affected by two main factors, the ingredients used and the conditions under which the product was made. E-liquids manufactured under clean and human-friendly conditions stay longer before expiration than their counterparts.

Additionally, the ingredients used to make different e-liquids significantly affect their expiry dates. Most e-liquids are made with concentrated artificial and natural flavours, while others contain botanical extracts.
Natural-flavoured vape juices might expire faster than their botanical-extracted counterparts. Other factors that affect the expiration of vape juice include its storage conditions regarding light and air.

Signs of Expired Vape Juice

It’s pretty easy to tell expired vape juice from a fit one. Expired vape juice is characterized by three significant changes affecting its colour, strength, and flavour. In most cases, vape juice changes to brown or yellow when it expires, depending on the ingredients used to make the vape juice. Other changes include a faint smell and a tinted vape device.

When it comes to flavour, expired vape juice usually loses its flavour to a blank or sour taste. Sometimes, the flavour of vape juice is affected by how the product is stored and operated. So whenever you experience an odd flavour, you should confirm whether the e-liquid has expired or just how it was kept, which makes it lose its flavour.

The last significant change in expired vape juices is the nicotine strength. Nicotine naturally loses its power over time, even without expiration. Vapers usually boost nicotine strength in vape juices with artificial nicotine salts, although weaknesses caused by expiration can be hard to restore. The change, however, happens gradually, allowing the vaper to notice when the expiry date approaches.

Safety of Vape Juice Expiration

There are no specific rules and regulations regarding vape juice expiration. However, users have the responsibility to watch out for expired juices. When you know the vape juice expiration period, a vaper can confidently develop DIY juices without the fear that any of the components might spoil the others.

Vape juice expiration dates also guide suppliers in deciding how much to stock for a particular flavour or juice. Lastly, understanding vape juice expiration allows users to determine how much and when to buy to manage their finances. The aim of publicizing vape juice expiration tips is to put the health of vapers on the first line.

What Happens When You Consume Expired Vape Juice?

While no significant health problems are associated with consuming expired vape juice, experts have advised that vapers should avoid such products at all costs. Expired vape juice doesn’t suddenly become unfit for consumption, but it might not taste, smell, and hit the same as before. Nothing will happen when you consume expired vape juice, but it remains unapproved, maybe for your vaping experience.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Vape Juices

Unfortunately, some vape juices go bad long before expiry due to mishandling and poor storage conditions. You can easily ensure your vape juice lasts longer with several tips. Besides enjoying an excellent vaping experience, you will have gained the value of your precious money back.

To increase the lifespan of vape juices, you should counter-attack the three main manageable factors (air, light, and heat) that affect the wellness of vape juices. Storing the vape juice gadget closed tightly prevents air from entering and hastening the oxidation process that spoils the juice.

Additionally, you should store vape juice in a cool, dry environment free from excess heat. Experts have recommended storing vape juices in the freezer or refrigerator for a longer life, although you should protect children and minors from accessing the product. You should also mark the bottles carefully and inform everyone accessing the fridge about their presence to prevent mishandling.

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