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What’s Considered Cheating in A Marriage?

Marriages are often seen as the culmination of a relationship after several stages of dating. You meet someone, fall in love, sustain that love, and then decide to take the extra leap together. It...

Five Interesting Solutions to Divorce Problems

One weird thing you find about all good situations is that almost every good situation usually has like some kind of bad side to it. And marriage isn’t any different. According to data collected by, you find that nearly 40% to 50% of all first-time marriages always end up in divorce. The reasons for these separations may vary. Additionally, according to family lawyer Toronto even still, you will find some reasons like poor communications, intimacy issues, financial strain, unforgiveness, deep-rooted feelings of incompatibility, built-up resentment as some of the reasons that usually top the list.

Four Ways to Save For Your Child’s Education

The cost of higher education is continually increasing while the need for a college degree grows in demand. Parents and students have little choice but to invest in an education. Still, the burden of student loans and their accompanying debt can make a college degree seem like a liability more than a benefit. Here are registered education savings plan that can pay for your child’s education, help you to avoid incurring student loan debt and provide your child with the benefits of a worthwhile education.

6 Ways to Limit Delays In a Divorce

The length of time it takes to obtain a final divorce decree varies, depending on the intricate details that have to be sorted out in dividing property or deciding custody of children. Hiring a divorce lawyer is one way to keep things moving along without too many setbacks, but there are a few things you can do to keep the process flowing. Below are six ways you can avoid unneeded delays.

3 Things to Avoid When Preparing a Prenuptial Agreement

Individuals who have property, other assets, liabilities, or children from another marriage should consider a prenuptial agreement. This agreement outlines the financial rights and responsibilities of each party during the marriage, and also lays out the distribution of property and assets in the event of a divorce. The preparation of a prenup is a process that needs to be given careful consideration. The agreement can be easily set aside or canceled if it does not follow the rules laid out in the family law legislation. You need an independent family lawyer Toronto to advise you, confirm the agreement, and explain the legal implications before you sign it. For this reason, you should watch out for the following mistakes when preparing a prenuptial agreement.

Funeral Homes and Early Planning

If you could file certain thoughts away in the back of your mind and never bring them into fruition again, you might stick ideas about your own mortality in that file. While considering your own death is not a pleasant prospect, the decision to work with funeral homes Toronto to pre-plan is one that can save your loved ones stress and money during a period of heartbreak later on.