Four University Tips for Students Who Hate to Write

If you’re in college, you’re undoubtedly finding yourself writing tons of assignments, and if you hate to write, these classes might be harder than you imagined. Other than finding a reputable essay writing service, which isn’t a bad idea at times, what can you do to push yourself to write that next college paper when you hate writing? You can’t drop the class just because you don’t want to write it, especially since you’re going to have to learn to at least tolerate writing before you graduate. If you’re trying to change your attitude toward writing, here are some tips to make it a little easier.

1. Start Your Assignment Early

Okay, this is a good idea even if you love to write, but if you go ahead and start writing as soon as you get the assignment, you can get it out of the way so that you can move onto other things. In fact, if you hate to write, do the work and finish the report within the first day or two after you get the assignment. That way, you’ll have time to go over it before you turn it in, and it’ll feel good knowing that that part of your life is over and done with.

2. Always Start with Pen and Paper

Although most students write on their computers and not by hand, it’s a good idea to start your drafts with pen and paper. Why? Because typing on a computer feels more “official” and permanent, even though you can easily press a delete button anytime you need to. When you write with pen and paper, it feels more casual and even relaxed, and it’s very likely to make you feel less nervous and more sure about yourself as you write. You’re also very likely to come up with more ideas than you would if you started your drafts on a computer.

3. Consider Using a Writing Service

It’s not illegal to use a reputable essay writing service, and you can actually learn a lot about the essays and papers they prepare for you. They have on-staff experts in any and all subjects, so the papers they provide for you are professional and extremely well-written, and some of them even have guarantees that you’ll get a certain grade on them. The more time you give them, the less money they charge you for this service, so contact them quickly if you have a paper to write.

4. Write Like You Talk

When you’re writing your essay, use informal language instead of formal and grammatically correct language. You’ll have time later on to make everything more formal and grammatically correct, but writing casually at first is much easier and will help you write a little better and come up with good ideas. It also puts less pressure on you so you can relax and concentrate just on what you want to say and not how you want to say it. Take your time with this part because you can make it more formal and organized before you turn it into the professor.

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