Night Shift Security Guard Job Description & Information

Working as a security guard is one of the most fulfilling careers one can take in their life. You are given a sense of purpose in that you will be protecting the public at large. A security guard can be a highly versatile job, offering many different roles across the industry. A security guard can work during the daytime. Alternatively, some may work the night shift instead.

The security guard’s job description can vary dramatically. That is because security guards will often be called to do different tasks at different times of the day. If you find yourself working the night shift, you will have various responsibilities. A night shift security guard is very different from their counterparts in the daytime.

Here is more information about a night shift security guard job description:

Security Guard Duty #1: CCTV Monitoring

After a long day, most individuals working in a building go home to rest and recuperate. The building is often left isolated, with virtually no one but a few key staff members present. Security guards working the night shift are one of those individuals; they will be performing their duties as expected.

For example, one of the most key aspects of their job entails watching from behind a CCTV system. This sort of monitoring ensures no individuals prowling around the premises. A security guard will ensure most buildings are supposed to be locked down. Learning how to use security technologies is part of the job. Before you obtain your security guard license, ensure that you are comfortable and confident with handling technology. Those averse to technology might struggle with their responsibilities.

Security Guard Duty #2: Patrolling

You can only do so much as a security guard monitoring from behind a CCTV console. To ensure no funny business, the respective guard will have to do manual patrolling. Night shift security guards will walk in the various hallways and lobbies of a building to ensure it is secured.

Patrolling often takes up a large portion of a guard’s shift, as the entire building will have to be canvassed at some point. However, if the building is large, a secondary security guard will cover one area for you. Patrolling is a necessary part of the job and must be done with every shift taken.

Security Guard Duty #3: Respond to Alerts

For the most part, a night shift security guard does not have to worry about things going awry. That is because those in charge of the building, or location, will go out of their way to ensure security. Sometimes, that may not always be the case, as emergencies of different magnitudes could occur.

The security guard’s job here is to respond to the alert as soon as it happens. For instance, another individual inside the building could be experiencing a medical issue. Or, the emergency sprinklers may have accidentally been triggered. Whenever a significant issue occurs, it must be investigated.

Security Guard Duty #4: Provide Customer Service

While most of the professional world goes to sleep at night, the nightlife is as prominent as ever. That means that various venues and events must have their security guard present to take action. Security guards working here will have to conduct customer service to varying degrees most of the time.

This might entail helping escort intoxicated individuals out of a bar for being too rowdy. Or, they will have to escort a staff member to their car at night to safely exit. Many of us may think that customer service is reserved for traditional business forms. Night shift security guards do this more times than not!

Security Guard Duty #5: Reporting

At the end of every night shift, a security guard must create a report of what transpired during the night. The report can vary from venue to venue, but it encapsulates what went on in their respective shift. The security guard may make notes throughout the night to create this report.

Then, a document will usually be made, to which all transpired events would be neatly detailed inside. The report’s content does not have to be overly long, but it must always describe what has happened. Usually, a night shift security guard will do this in the final hour of their shift.

Security Guard Duty #6: Conduct Miscellaneous Protocols

As mentioned previously, no two-night security guards will be alike. Each professional must adhere to very specific codes of conduct or job duties. As a result, there will be various protocols to memorize and follow throughout the shift.

Some security guards may be asked to multitask and conduct some cybersecurity work. Others may just be tasked with monitoring and patrolling every couple of hours. Whatever the case may be, it is a different job each night. However, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience and a fun one at that, too, if you like law enforcement!

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