Top 9 Excuses for Missing Work Last Minute

If you need to get out of work, you can’t use the same excuse all the time. Whether you’re under the weather, have an appointment, or are just worn out, you need a believable reason to get out of work. Many organizations use absence management software to keep track of employee attendance. This means that a pattern of absences will be monitored by the business, and it will reflect poorly on your employee performances.

There are days when plans suddenly change, schedules become conflicted, and your best option is to miss work for a day. Check out the following top 9 excuses for missing work last minute:

Excuse #1: You Have A Doctor’s Appointment

Having a doctor’s appointment is one of the more believable excuses for missing work last minute. If you’re sick, generally you won’t have to deal with too many questions. You should have a specific ailment that you’re going to see your doctor for. It may help to mention your doctor’s appointment selection is limited.

Many employers will expect a doctor’s note if you use this excuse, so familiarize yourself with the company’s policy. Every doctor’s note you get is an expense you’ll have to incur out of your own pocket.

Excuse #2: You Have A Malfunction In The House

An unavoidable house emergency is another solid excuse for missing work last minute. Problems with your pipes or furnace can’t wait for you to complete an all-day shift. If your fridge or dryer is sparking, it’s simply unsafe to leave your house unattended. Other house emergencies include clogs, leaks, power outages, and problems with your furnace. Most employers will understand about attending to a household emergency.

Excuse #3: You Have A Delivery Arriving You Can’t Miss

Deliveries are an example of an unavoidable task you have to deal with. Receiving deliveries for expensive items such as fridges, washing machines, or other appliances requires supervision from the homeowner. Many delivery companies are unable to give an accurate delivery time, which forces you to need to be available all day. Missing the delivery can cost you extra fees or delay the arrival of your large purchase. If you’re having furniture, appliances, or equipment delivered, someone needs to be at home to receive and secure the order.

Excuse #4: You Have To Meet With A Client

Meeting with a client is an excuse you can use to miss work under the guise of still being productive. Sometimes clients prefer off-site meetings, which can work to your advantage. Meetings at restaurants and golf courses may not seem like work, but they can result in some valuable bonds built with your customers. Scheduling your meetings off-site can be a great way to spend less time in the office. The only caveat with this excuse is you can’t forget to meet the client!

Excuse #5: You Have Diarrhea

Upon hearing the word diarrhea, most people don’t have any questions. This can fall under health excuses, but intestinal problems deserve a category of their own. The sensitive nature of gastrointestinal distress means you won’t get too many people prying at your current situation. Everyone understands diarrhea enough to expect to see you at work the next day. Diarrhea is also a good excuse to miss work on short notice thanks to its unpredictable nature and the fact that it can strike at any time.

Excuse #6: You Have To Pick Your Child Up Early

Sometimes your obligations to your children can prevent you from showing up to work. Having to pick up your child due to illness, suspension from school, or a special event can be an excuse you can use to get out of work on short notice. Being specific with this excuse makes it more believable. Sometimes you may have issues finding childcare, which can cause you to have to miss work.

Excuse #7: You Have A Religious Event To Attend

Attending religious events can also get you a get out of work free card. Employers can’t question your beliefs when it comes to religion. Using the religious events excuse works best if you book the time off well in advance. If you have to use the excuse on short notice, try and bring back some pastries or food that was served at the event. Make your religion known throughout the office if you want to use an obscure religion’s holiday to take time off work.

Excuse #8: Your Parents Need Help

If mom or dad come calling, you can’t exactly ignore them. Accompanying your parents to a doctor’s appointment or helping them run an errand can be an excuse you use to get out of work. Once you mention your parent’s involvement, people won’t have many questions, especially if your parents are elderly. If you can prove that your parents are ill and need your help completing basic tasks, then this excuse should go over well.

Excuse #9: You Have Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is probably one of the best excuses for missing work last minute. Food poisoning is believable because of its sudden and unpredictable nature. Simply mention you tried a new restaurant and that you’re now having stomach problems. Similar to the diarrhea excuse, most people won’t have too many questions about food poisoning.

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