12 Timeless Paint Colors That Never Go Out of Style

Some paint colors don’t go out of style. ‘White’ is perhaps the best example. It’s never dated, despite home trends changing drastically in the many years since it first began to be used. So many other colors also fit to a definition of timelessness.

Here are twelve timeless paint colors that will never go out of style:

1. Hague Blue Colors

Hague Blue is a dark, deep blue tone. It is reminiscent of the sea or like looking out on a tropical blue sky. Dark blues are very popular among painters, since this color has an ability to transform over the years regardless of what’s going on trend-wise in the marketplace. To paint a space you want to be comforting and refreshing, Hague Blue is a dark color you can rely on.

2. Black-And-White Colors

Black and white are one of the best timeless paint colors. It is light and darkness. Although the issue here becomes how to use the paint to form a cohesive, welcoming look, black and white has been relied on across decades to produce some gorgeous looking rooms. Combined with furniture matching a black-and-white aesthetic and you’ve got a winner.

3. Stone Fireplace Colors

Stone Fireplace is a slate grey. It takes its cue from the look of natural materials and can be purposed in any kitchen or living room. Looking similar to stone, the right slate grey should come across as warm and welcoming.

If you have other elements in the space such as industrial elements, wood, or charcoal, a color like Stone Fireplace works wonders at collaborating visually with everything in the room.

4. Blue-Green Colors

The combination of a deep blue with a deep green create a beautiful timeless paint color that never goes out of style. The color doesn’t lean one way or the other and seems to sit somewhere between the two. It’s a hue with richness and boldness that’s perfect for any master bedroom or office. Deep blues and greens have been used for over a century for these sort of spaces.

5. Terracotta Colors

Terracotta is a timeless color used in pots and gardening, and it also makes for an excellent household paint color. The right desert-inspired terracotta hints at nature, eco-friendliness, and environment. Most people associate terracotta with warmness and used in as a wall color can bring out a lot of charm, particularly in warmer areas or at a cottage.

6. Pastel Blue Colors

Pastel blue is a few steps away from a baby blue, sort of like an adult version. It gives a fresh aesthetic to any room it’s used in. When combined with furniture like wood pieces and metals, more depth is created in a space. Pastel blue is a color that’s always in style, figuring into households from sea to sea.

7. Beige Colors

Beige is a tricky color because you don’t want to choose one that’s going to come off looking dated. A great beige is available from PPG called ‘Pony Tail’. It’s a mid-tone, shaded clay-like color with some undertones of khaki. A beige like this is very versatile, especially when paired alongside white trim or white paint elsewhere a la kitchen cabinets.

8. Black Colors

Yes, black makes the list on its own independent of white. A lighter black in a room with lots of natural light can be a wonderful contrast. Black is always going to be dramatic and so you can balance it out with some dynamic furniture, light, and other elements.

In a bedroom, black is timeless and cozy. If you don’t want to use it across a whole wall, a true black can work on a ceiling, trim, or as an accent color.

9. Sunny Yellow Colors

Yellow is upbeat, fun, and communicates so much without being so bold. Like beige, yellow combined with some white accents can produce an amazing looking room. Creamy whites tagging along with the yellow is particularly pretty. Consider a lighter-tinged yellow rather than chicken-style yellow.

10. Muted Pink Colors

Bright pink fits into the ultimate no-no category. A muted pink, on the other hand, is perfect. Feminine, soft, and kind, a muted pink blends seamlessly around whites and wood furniture. Bathrooms are common for muted pink however it is arguably better positioned in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms.

11. Buttercream Colors

Buttercream is a neutral tone, always timeless. Neutral colors are safe, reliable choices for inexperienced painters or people who are undecided on color. When in doubt, a neutral like buttercream or white is best. Buttercream has never gone out of style and likely never will. It combines well with a wide array of furniture, accent colors, and more.

12. Dark Crimson Colors

Dark Crimson sounds like a movie title but it’s actually one heck of a timeless paint color. It’s a mixture of a rich red and purple that is powerful but which isn’t in your face. For a dining room, admittedly, it’s a little bit dramatic.

For a bedroom or hallway though, Dark Crimson is a very beautiful and trending color choice. Almost like a wine-esque shade, for those that use it, Dark Crimson is very charming.

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