8 Best Rustic Fireplace Ideas for Homes

Few things make a room more charming and inviting than a rustic fireplace. Using natural materials and rugged textures is the key to achieving a rustic look. The fireplace naturally becomes the focal point of whatever room it is in. This is true whether it is wood, gas, or electric and in use. A beautiful rustic fireplace will heat your home and add charm and character to your space.

Do you already have a fireplace and want to change the look? Or are you considering installing one in a room? 

Idea #1: Add Rustic Décor

Adding a few rustic décor pieces to your fireplace mantel is the simplest way to achieve the rustic, cozy feel you are going for. Think of muted colors, natural materials, and coziness. Add an antique mirror and layer in nature-inspired art, a vase with dried flowers, and some wooden candlesticks or vintage sconces. These rustic accessories give your wood fireplaces that elegant touch.

Other everyday rustic items include wrought iron or wood accents, plant clippings in glass bottles, rattan baskets, and reclaimed vintage or antique pieces.

Idea #2: Bring Nature Inside

Rustic décor brings together all kinds of natural elements. Think wood, metal, and stone. Any piece of the outdoors you can bring in will work together to create a beautiful rustic feel to your fireplace. Remember that rustic design is based on a very neutral color palate.

Woods, off-white and cream, greys, and tans will be your backdrop. If you want to add splashes of color to this, take your inspiration from whatever season it happens to be.

Idea #3: Wood Beam Mantle

Is the space above your fireplace just an empty wall? If you want to dress up your fireplace by adding a mantle, a wooden barn beam or planks are perfect for adding some rustic flare. There are a few options when choosing a wooden beam for a mantle. Rough-sawn beams have a smooth, refined finish with a distinctive look that draws their history to mind.

Hand-hewn beams are one of a kind and prized for their rustic charm. Both beams are often left unfinished to show off their natural beauty, but they can also be stained. Alternatively, if you don’t have the budget for a reclaimed beam, you can DIY a wood box into a faux barn beam or shelf with some pieces of wood and a few standard tools.

Idea #4 Distressed Mantle

Transform your existing mantel into the rustic centerpiece of the room with a worn-paint finish. The trick to distressing is making the mantle look like it has been exposed to natural wear and tear.

You can get this look by painting the mantle with chalk paint and then sanding it to reveal bits of the wood after the paint is dry. Chalk paint is non-toxic and odor-free, and since it is water-based, it is not flammable, making it a safe choice around a fireplace.

Idea #5: Stone Surround

A stone hearth adds a cozy, rustic cabin vibe to any room. The natural look of stone creates a warm ambiance, the perfect place to gather with family or just lounge with a book and a cup of tea.

If you want to revamp an existing fireplace, stacked stone set close together gives the fireplace surround a sleek, clean look. It’s the perfect backdrop for décor items made from rustic materials like cast iron or gorgeous greenery. Opting for a veneer can give you the same great look with a smaller price tag.

Idea #6: Reclaimed Wood Surround

A reclaimed wood fireplace surround brings the beauty of the natural world indoors. Reclaimed wood is collected from old barns or industrial buildings and is typically over one hundred years old. There’s nothing quite like using reclaimed materials because the weathered patina can’t be replicated.

The wood can be installed in many different patterns, and with so much natural variation in color and texture, your finished product will be truly unique.

Idea #7: Keep the Brick

If your fireplace surround is made of brick, think twice before reaching for a paintbrush. Brick fireplaces are timeless, and even when design trends change, some new décor elements are all it takes to liven up the room. Natural brick creates an earthy, warm vibe and can be the perfect base for a rustic aesthetic.

Idea #8: Paint It

Painting a brick fireplace is a great way to freshen it up and make it look new. While traditional red brick is a beautiful backdrop for a rustic aesthetic, it can be too harsh for some people. Whitewashing the brick can soften the look while still exuding rustic charm.

If you want to change the look completely, painting the brick a soft, creamy hue is an option. You get to keep the texture of the brick but combine it with a more neutral palette. And bonus, rustic décor looks great against a pale background.

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