5 Reasons You Should Own a Wooden Watch

We can all agree that a watch is not only stylish but also one of the most significant accessories known to man. Why else do you think we all wear it or have worn it at some point in life? Its popularity stems from a number of things. But more importantly, from the fact that it provides accent to an individual’s style. Of course, we can’t forget to mention its primary function which is to keep time. For eons now both men and women have spent a great deal of money purchasing the best brands in the market. And speaking of market trends, you’ve probably noticed a new craze in town – The hand-crafted Tense wooden watches! They are slowly gaining ground and becoming part of every household in the country.

The thought of having to wear a watch made of wood was mindboggling at first. But the world is changing, and people are looking for different ways to stand out instead of blending with the rest of the crowd. So why would one consider buying a Tense wooden watch in the first place?

The uniqueness

The blatant truth is that human beings are inherently superficial. An observation has revealed that today’s society is all about appearance. You have to look different if you want to be noticed or appreciated. Wooden watches have eventually grown into a contemporary product. Like clothes, trends in this market keep on changing. The watches designs have improved and to break the monotony, companies are now exploring new options. So you can guess how the idea of making a watch from wood was conceived.


If you are all about an eco-friendly environment, this might be the time to be part of something great. You will be advocating for the use of renewable resources to manufacture a product that is useful in so many ways. The thing is, wooden watches are usually manufactured from scrap wood. And, the state law compels every firm that depends on wood as a raw material to replace it by planting more trees. Think about it; as the demand for wooden watches increases so does the supply, and so does the number of new trees planted every year.

light weight

It is no secret that in its natural essence wood is a light material. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that a wooden watch will be lighter than your conventional watch. This is another reason why many people are buying these watches, and why you should get yourself one. It’s comfortable and won’t cause any hindrance while you work.


In comparison to leather or any kind of metal, wood is relatively cheap. So anything made of wood will be less costly compared a product that is meant to serve the same function and made of metal or leather. Let’s not forget we usually use scrap wood as raw material which considerably lowers the cost of manufacturing wooden watches.

Ages with grace

Your conventional watch will be subjected to wear and tear and with time, it will blemish. Who wants to walk around with something that looks worn out? Fortunately, regardless of the environment, you’re in, your wooden watch will keep shining.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start shopping!



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