6 Ways to Limit Delays In a Divorce

The length of time it takes to obtain a final divorce decree varies, depending on the intricate details that have to be sorted out in dividing property or deciding custody of children. Hiring a divorce lawyer is one way to keep things moving along without too many setbacks, but there are a few things you can do to keep the process flowing. Below are six ways you can avoid unneeded delays.

1 – Show Up for All Hearings and Court Proceedings

Having to put off hearings and other court proceedings only serve to prolong the process. Try and avoid this at all costs. Show up on time for all hearing dates and be prepared to wait for as long as necessary to move the case forward. There may be an emergency situation that arises, but only let this interfere if it is an actual disaster at hand.

2 – Provide Required Documents

Nothing can be more frustrating to the courts than having to ask numerous times to be provided necessary documents to make an accurate assessment and decision. Comply with all court requests for records and any requests for signatures from your estranged spouse. You are the one that benefits from being on top of providing the information.


3 – Keep Behavior Above-Board

Trying to hide income, assets, and other sneaky maneuvers to avoid an equal split will only delay the divorce and could cost you if you are found to be dishonest. The court expects everyone to bring accurate figures to the table. Set aside any real hatred for the sake of getting the legalities finished. Avoid stalking behaviors and other things that can bring character reproach or criminal actions against you.

4 – Consider Mediation

Agreements for many details in a divorce settlement can be reached using mediation services. Using a mediator is a great idea if you can reasonably discuss agreements without arguments and excessive anger. You can push the divorce to finish stages reasonably quickly utilizing this process.


5 – Keep Paperwork Organized

Keep all of your divorce case documents in one area. Staying organized makes it easier to find things when needed, and you will be less apt to lose anything. You can decide what to keep or throw away once the divorce is final.


6 – Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Trusted help and advice of an experienced divorce lawyer are worth their weight in gold and rubies. Hire a lawyer that has the knowledge and expertise to move the case along quickly. The investment in legal counsel is one you will never regret.

Although a divorce is never an overnight process, it is possible to limit the activities that tend to delay the outcome. You can then begin the process of healing and moving forward with the expertise of Matrimonial Home.

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