5 Ways to Save on Home Painting Services

There is no easier way to spruce up any space then giving it a fresh coat of paint. Whether it is exterior or interior painting whenever, your home gets a fresh coat of color, it looks brighter, fresher, and more livable. Painting your house every few years also protects the property from damage and wear.

But as simple as the painting process is – it is mainly about sanding, priming, and painting – it is not always cheap.

If you have a big house it can cost you at least $4,000 to hire a professional painting service. Many homeowners often decide to do the painting themselves to avoid spending so much, but there is nothing like a professional doing the job.

If you’ve always wanted professional home painting services firehouse but have always backed out because of the price, the following five ways can help you save money while also getting the best job.

1. Get multiple estimates

There are several home painting services, but before making a choice get as many bids as possible from different professional painters – if you have the time.

You can find licensed and insured home painters from friends, family and coworkers, or search a directory like the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. When getting bids, make sure to ask how many hours will be spent on the job, what kind and brands of products will be used and how many coats, and if there are additional costs.

2. Have a written contract

Whatever agreement that you reach with the painter, make sure to have it in writing. The contract need not be something complex.

It can be a simple written document that includes hours spent on the job, aspects to be performed (e.g.: sanding and painting the doors, caulking, and puttying the windows), the amount of paint required and the colors to be used. Simply having this written document will make sure the painter does not deviate from what was agreed upon.

3. Think wisely about colors

When it comes to paint, some colors are more expensive than others. The same goes for different brands of paint. If possible choose deeper colors only for the trims because they require four or five coats for full coverage.

4. Don’t wait till the last moment

Deciding on exterior or interior painting Toronto when the walls are showing visible signs of wear and damage isn’t the wisest thing to do, yet that is what many homeowners are guilty of. Since painting is an expensive job most homeowners decide to leave it for the last moment.

The more work that your walls require the higher the cost of painting. Choosing to paint when your walls are in good shape will not only require less work but also cost less.

But if your walls have some dings in them and they have to be painted then you don’t have a choice. Well, you can fix the walls yourself with some putty, a putty knife, and so on but that is up to you. Or the painters can do it for an extra fee. It is your predilection.

5. Cut out unnecessary aspects

When preparing the contract for the job you may decide to trim out the aspects that you do not find necessary. For example, you may decide to not get the doors or the closet painted, thus spending money on only the aspects that you find important.

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